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All About Me


TV & Movies

Two people live in this house and we have three TVs, each with their own AppleTV. You can usually find me binge-watching TV shows on Netflix or watching the latest need-to-see at the local Alamo Drafthouse.


I like all kinds of music, but lately I've been having serious pangs for 90's grunge, alternative rock and especially The Foo Fighters. I think my iTunes may think I'm having an affair with Dave Grohl.

Food & Wine

I have a serious love/hate relationship with food. I loooooove to eat it. Savor it. Practically bathe in it. But all it does to me is put junk in my trunk and make managing my diabetes a challenge.

My Home

We just built our dream home and I'm slightly obsessive about decorating it. The amount of time I spend pouring over the Joss and Main website is embarrassing. My bank account isn't thrilled, either.

My Blog

  • Why We Need More People Like Dave Grohl In The World

    This started out as a blog about the wonderful Memphis Foo Fighters show I saw, but ended up being a fangirl love letter to Dave Grohl. Sometimes that’s just how shit goes down. I’ll post my review of the show shortly.

    When I posted pics from the Foo Fighters Memphis show, my friend Dustin commented “Dave Grohl somehow sucked up most of the planet’s awesomeness.” He’s not wrong.  (more…)

  • Gallery Wall

    Mike and I love to decorate. Luckily we have very similar tastes. We like mixing a little bit of vintage with a little bit of rustic with chic, modern, clean lines and just a small touch of industrial. But even more than those styles, we love having a really personal pieces in our home. So when I decided we’d make a gallery wall in the living room, we wanted to incorporate all of those things. (more…)

  • 188 South

    New life, new blog! Now that we are all settled in our house I have a little more time to do something I really enjoy – writing about the things I love. So I figured I’d re-launch Ali Loves with a whole new look and feel to do just that.

    And here we are. First topic – food. Y’all know how I LUZ mah food. (more…)

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